Strixhaven: School of Mages Set Booster Box


A Prestigious Academy of Unparalleled Magics

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Welcome to Strixhaven! Join one of the five colleges and begin your magical education!


Silverquill: College of Eloquence. Weaponized Wordsmiths. White Black.
Prismari: College of Elemental Arts. Pyrotechnic Performers. Blue Red.
Witherbloom: College of Life and Death. Spell-Brewing Biologists. Black Green.
Lorehold: College of Archaeomancy. Summoners of History. Red White.
Quandrix: College of Numeromancy. Math magicians. Green Blue.

What are set boosters? If you’re not looking to draft, Set Boosters are an exciting new way to add to your collection. Each booster contains at least one Rare or Mythic (maybe more!), a guaranteed foil, and an art card. You might also pull an exciting card from Magic history!

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