Candamir: The First Settlers


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You never give up! Despite the long journey to your new homeland and the loss of everything you owned, you have made it: you are a settler of Catan!

You begin with nothing more than your own two hands, and each day will bring you a host of new experiences and adventures. Hunting bears and wolves? Building trunks and furniture? Working hides and skins?

Not a problem for you! But soon you grow tired with simply roaming the island. Your goal is to settle down with a roof over your head, sheep to herd, and a field to sow your grain. To do this, you will need the help of the other settlers in the village. Easily done! If you supply a sword to Jared, he will give you a bag of seeds in return. Osmund needs a new chest, and offers you some sheep. Candamir would like new windows and can help you build your new house.

Again and again you head out for the the wilderness, hunting bears and wolves, collecting honey and rare herbs. But you must be cautious! Hungry bears and wolves are no laughing matter, poisonous snakes hide in the grass, and behind some tree lurks a savage robber!

Will you be afraid? Never!

It is time to settle Catan, where adventure awaits…

1 Game Board
48 Wooden Pieces (4 settler figures, 40 victory point cubes, 4 round disks)
48 Exploration Tiles
4 Character Boards
12 Potion Tiles
8 Equipment Markers
4 Endurance Markers
16 Experience Markers
90 Resource & Ingredient Cards
29 Movement Cards
22 Adventure Cards
8 Character Cards
1 Wooden Die
2 Card Holders
1 Shuffle Cards Board

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 3 in


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