Quest: A Time of Heroes


Attack of the Orcs

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Only a few ancient legends still tell of the Age of the Warrior Kings, when King Wenzel banished the cruel Orcs. Now, however, a dark power is rising again, rattling the doors of its prison. Once again, Orcs are prowling the night. It is time for brave men and women to stand up to them once more.

It is a time of heroes!

Quest – A Time of Heroes – Together, you are going to have cinematic adventures, develp your heroes’ powerful abilities, and discover unique treasures. You are going to face fierce warriors and dark sorcerers. They do the bidding of one player only: the Quest Master! It is he who will be testing the prowess and the cunning of your heroes – but also their intelligence. Your decisions will guide the story and, thus, the fate of the entire world.

Will you be able to stop the minions of darkness?

Game Components
1 rules booklet
1 adventure booklet containing 5 adventures
1 map
18 cardboard miniatures with plastic bases
120 cards
4 hero sheets
3 Quest Master Sheets
25 coins
12 terrain elements
2 ten-sided dice
1 non-prmanent pen

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Dimensions 11 × 8 × 3 in


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