Rick and Morty: Antomy Park


Welcome to Anatomy Park!

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Rick’s been cooking up a little business venture on the side: an amusement park inside the body of a homeless guy named Ruben. Build the ultimate park with rides such as Spleen Mountain and Pirates of the Pancreas, while battling both monstrous Diseases and fellow park-builders with creative differences. Move Park Tiles to suit your needs. Ride the Bone Train. Heed the advice of mouth-breathing Focus Groups. But watch out for Bodily Reactions, which can cause all sorts of rude noises and game-altering conditions!

46 Park Tiles
9 Focus Group Tiles
24 Bodily Reaction Cards
3 Dice
6 Oversized Character Cards
4 Character Standees
30 Control Cubes
Lots of Victory Point Tokens

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Dimensions 11 × 8 × 2 in


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